LEKITO is an award winning microbakery, specialising in a small range of wonderful breads, tarts, cakes and buns. Ever since creation in 2014, we only use the very best ingredients and never cut corners. Everything is produced in our kitchen and baked fresh for when we need it. We don't use any preservatives, dough softeners or other unnecessary bits and pieces that commercial bakers use. We believe in first rate quality, tasty products.

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Keith teaches bread and other baking at his home, Lekito HQ!

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Baking & Me


Ever since I was a child I have been drawn to baking. I started with pastry and cakes and I still love doing that. But for the past decade or more, bread has become the thing that I love most of all. The variety and styles of bread seem endless and it’s always exciting to get out the flour and start preparing for a bake. I am part of the Bread Angels network, a group of artisan bakers who believe in real bread and baking for good.


It often strikes me how there seem to be so many people who only ever experience mass produced bread with little nutritional value and even less taste. Working with simple, good ingredients works every time. 


Making bread for my pop-up bakery stall under my Lekito brand is a great joy. The best thing of all is when someone buys a product and comes back for more, especially when they say how much they liked it. That is life affirming!

I also teach a variety of baking classes, including an 'Introduction to Bread', along with several other bread classes, along with classes in Sweet Bakes and Tarts. I do that from my home and also for Squires Kitchen International School.


In 2017 and 2019 I won gold and silver awards at the World Bread Awards, held in London.