Our most popular loaf, a mixture of French white flour, spelt wholemeal and a dark rye flour. A very tasty loaf, it keeps well. This one is cooked in a tin to give a great shape for slicing or making toast. And toasted is very tasty with some Lekito marmalade!

Small £2.20

Small seeded £3.20

Large £3.50

Large seeded £4.20


Lekito's delicious blend, small, large, with or without seeds

  • The large version of this loaf weighs approximately 900g and the small one about 450g. It's the result of a lot of trials of the flour mix, refining it until we got the best tasting loaf that's great as fresh bread but that also makes really good toast. Great with marmalade or a nicely poached egg!

  • We will deliver your bread orders in Guildford or arrange for you to collect.

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