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Bread at the Food Bank

For the past few weeks we have been delivering bread free to St Saviours in Guildford - they run the 'Meals For You' programme and provide over 160 meals per week to people in need in our community. Donating bread has been made possible by the generosity of Lekito customers who have been adding a Food Bank Gift to their order.

When we first talked to the team at St Saviours, it became clear that it would be best to provide a larger number of smaller loaves, rather than fewer large ones. So each £3 Food Bank Gift buys two small loaves - meaning that we are able to help two households rather than one with each bread delivery.

The loaves we provide for free to St Saviours are delivered with two meals each for everyone in the household. So sometimes that might be just a single person but other times it could be a family of six.


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